Let us optimize your HR and Operations

So you can focus on the things that matter

SmartHR helps startups implement scalable HR Programs



We aid in building effective company cultures and help you develop key initiatives


We oversee everything from onboarding to benefits plans


We structure all internal operations and office management functions


We ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws on various employment policies
SmartHR helps start-ups grow healthy company cultures



Renee Mars


Renee helps fast growing startups create and implement scalable HR practices and internal operations. Using her experience from Y Combinator and Tilt, her consultancy provides a light-weight HR solution that is cost and time effective.

Annie Jacobsen


Over ten years of success in HR, people operations, hiring, and events. Annie strives to inspire others to maximize their potential in innovative environments where ideas come to life through detailed project management, action and initiative.

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